World Rugby considering rule changes in wake of Covid-19


Springbok assistant coach Matt Proudfoot showing the visiting players from the University of Michigan how to scrum… (Photo supplied by SA Rugby)

The Covid-19 pandemic might lead to changes to the rules of rugby when the sport eventually resumes.

According to The Times, World Rugby will consider a number of rule alterations specifically related to how rucks and mauls operate.

This is aimed at reducing the contact between players that occur during these phases of play.

The Times quoted a source from the organisation who said: “The face-to-face contact in the scrums and rucks is unique and that is what is being looked at closely.”

“The idea is to provide options for the professional and the community game below that, particularly if they do not have access to testing.”

Scrums and mauls are seen as a risky area when it comes to the spreading of the coronavirus. World Rugby may also suggest uncontested line-outs are adopted as well.

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