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Bewada is one of the fastest growing content marketing platforms on the globe today. From its inception, it has been providing you the means to discover a world of stories using vivid formats, ranging from stories to videos, just for you. It aims to make you the smartest Indian in the room by updating you about all the trends that matter, put out opinions on what’s happening around and has a host of lifestyle and good reads to up your intelligence quotient.

Our Policies

We’re committed to providing you with accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased information, so you can feel confident talking to your doctor and making the best-informed decisions about your health. Every article we publish reflects our principles and editorial standards.

We work with the best. With a team of expert writers, editors, and accredited medical professionals, you can trust Facty for the answers to your important health questions. Our writers are selected for their background knowledge and skill in presenting health information in a clear, intelligent manner that is easy to absorb and understand. Accredited medical experts are recruited from around the web to join our medical review team responsible for writing and verifying our content.