You Wouldn’t Believe How Rich These Celebrities Used To Be!

Rich These Celebrities – Some people are good with money, some squander it at the very first chance. Believe it or not, celebrities are no exception! This list compiles actors and actresses who once owned fortunes, only to let it slip out of their hands. Others just chose to quit their entertainment career to have more privacy. Some of them even had to return to normal jobs to support themselves – keep reading to find out more!

Nicolas Cage – Net Worth $25 Million

Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicholas Cage was once a top Hollywood star, amassing an impressive net worth of $150 Million. What happened to him, you may ask? He spent a large portion of it on over-the-top purchases and properties, eventually facing hefty debts and tax issues.

Some of his ridiculous purchases include a deserted island in the Bahamas, a pet octopus, a burial tomb, shrunken pygmy heads, and a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull. Does he regret anything? Probably not, as he believes that life is a journey and experience is more valuable than money!