WhatsApp To Introduce Apple Pay Like Service To Kill Paytm Within Six Months

WhatsApp To Introduce Apple Pay

As India is moving towards a cashless economy, we are seeing a lot of growth in payment apps with Paytm making huge numbers and BHIM making an entry in the Unified Payment Interface category. The cashless transactions have even seen a growth of 1000x at the time of demonetization, which reflects India as a potential cashless economy. Being already told about Paytm making a huge profit, WhatsApp is also set to launch their own digital payment platform within six months and it can be a potential threat to Paytm.

Let’s read more in detail.

WhatsApp Payments

The report was published on The Ken, and no official words are there from the house of WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is looking to hire someone who has qualified knowledge and experience in the field of digital payment, specially UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is given preference. WhatsApp’s main focus on UPI reflects that it will also work on the same integration.

The introduction of UPI in WhatsApp is going to hurt the Paytm market cap big-time. The first reason being user will not keep an additional app only for payment purpose when they can do the transactions from WhatsApp only.

Second, Paytm doesn’t work on UPI platform thus it costs the user many kinds of additional charges like bank transfer charges, and transaction charges. Paytm also has a transaction limit which is not the case with UPI-based apps. A user on UPI app can make transactions of high amount.