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Watch: Sachin Tendulkar Plucks Lemons From Tree Using Bamboo Stick, Harbhajan Singh Requests Some For Himself

Sachin Tendulkar plucked lemon from a tree, using a bamboo stick. © Twitter

Veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh tweeted a video which shows batting legend Sachin Tendulkar plucking lemon from a tree, using a bamboo stick. The 29-second video also shows Sachin correcting a man who mistakes lemon for a mango. “It’s not a mango, it’s a limbu” Sachin can be heard saying in the video. Sharing the video on Twitter, Harbhajan requested the batting maestro to pluck 2-3 of lemons for him as well. “Paji 2/3 nimbu mere liye bi nikal lena,” Harbhajan wrote on Twitter.

Paji 2/3 nimbu mere liye bi nikal lena @sachin_rt #Greatman

— Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) May 20, 2020

Earlier this month, Sachin and Harbhajan both took a dig at International Cricket Council’s (ICC) modern cricket rules and regulations after the world governing body shared a post praising Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly — one-day cricket’s best-ever opening batting pair.

Reacting to ICC’s tweet, Sachin wondered how many more runs he and Ganguly would have scored had the current fielding regulations been in place during their playing days.

“This brings back wonderful memories Dadi. How many more do you think we would’ve been able to score with the restriction of 4 fielders outside the ring and 2 new balls?” Tendulkar replied on the ICC’s post.

While Harbhajan Singh was of the opinion that modern cricket rules, especially in limited-overs format, do not promote fair competition between bat and ball, and scoring 320-plus runs has become a normal affair.

“At least few more thousands runs easily..such a bad rule this is..need few bowlers in @ICC to keep the balance right between bat and ball.. and games become more competitive when team scores 260/270 now days everyone scorning 320/30 plus and getting chased as well often,” Harbhajan commented on Tendulkar’s reply.