Top 10 Biggest Richest Sports Brands in the World 2017


Biggest Richest Sports Brands in the World: Do you know who is the biggest sports brands in the world? If not then take a look at the world’s richest sports brand in terms of revenue. Let’s face it: Sports equipment and attire is a billion dollar industry. Everyone knows someone who plays – or their kids/brother/cousin/dad plays. In this sector is one of the major attraction in the World especially for the purpose of entertainment and leisure times. People across the world in majority follows either any one of the Sports events and cheer its team. In the Past few decade, Sports Market has boomed enormously and the Sports Brand and the Companies had grossed their turnovers more than double as of now. Talking about the sports business it is more competitive than the competitions between athletes.

The people who admire and follow their sports sensation automatically preach the Brand that is associated with the sports star. Even the television networks race between themselves to broadcast certain sporting events. So, let see the top 10 biggest sports brands in the world.


10. MSG Network: $300 Million

MSG Network has been broadcasting the exclusive events of New York Giants since 2010. The sister of this channel, MSG Plus also broadcast the NHL games with special attention to the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. The estimated worth of MSG Network in 2013 was increased by $70 million and now it is about $300 million.