Here are 10 Things to do while in Quarantine this Weekend

Stuck at home until you get the all-clear that you’re not a coronavirus carrier? Despair not.

Annoying as it is, lounging around at home does have its upsides – you can finally indulge in all those things you never have time for, whether it be taking a cooking masterclass, attending to your cracked heels or getting through that book you’ve been ignoring all year.

No matter, there’s a lot that can be done over the next few days to get yourself not only caught up but even ahead of life’s responsibilities while having plenty of fun as well.

1. Binge on your favorite TV show

There’s nothing like quarantine to indulge in a small TV binge – after all, it’s not as if you can do much else. Luckily enough, the amount of good Israeli TV out there will most definitely take a few weeks to get through.

Whether you enjoy fast-paced action (latest season of “Fauda,” anyone?) or more thoughtful drama (hey there, “Shtisel”), there’s really something to fill every hour of your day. 

2. Go on a virtual trip around India

Unfortunately, this whole quarantine business means that coming to INDIA isn’t really on the cards right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the beauty this little country has to offer – just check out the videos we’ve compiled highlighting all of the most gorgeous places in India, and keep them in mind for when you do make it here.

3. Read a good book

Unplug the TV, hide the remote and get back to basics: get out a good book and lose yourself in fabulous fiction published by Israeli authors. Not only will time simply fly by, but you’ll get to sound oh-so-superior when you’re asked how you whiled away your time at home.


4. Cook up some Indian food

Unless you plan to live on takeout for the next couple of weeks, now’s the time to brush up on your cooking skills. Work your way through our easy-to-follow video recipes for a range of delicious dishes. Israeli salad is probably the most basic one on the list, but you can try show-stoppers like shakshuka, hummus and cheesecake. And don’t worry if things don’t come out exactly as you’d hoped – after all, you’ll be the only one to notice.

5. Catch a movie

If you’re dining solo this quarantine season, we suggest making an evening out of it and enjoying a good movie with your homemade burekas.

6. Listen to music

Had enough of sitting down in one place? Well, we’ve got the best music to putter around the house too. A comprehensive list of the greatest music albums since the 1980s.

7. Play a box game

Usually the reserve of rainy Saturdays or long holiday breaks, box games also work a treat in times of corona. Rummage around your cupboards and pull out the Rummikub, Taki and Guess Who – all wonderful, fun games thought up right here in Israel. Just remember not to be a sore loser, since you can’t really storm out of the room.

8. Don’t forget the kids

Contrary to what you think, kids can’t spend week after week staring at their phones behind closed doors. Lure them out of their bedrooms with great books for you to read together or with cool toys and games. They may hate to admit it, but being stuck with their family isn’t all that bad.

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