7 Books To Read Before They Become Movies In March 2019

Some of the biggest movies heading to the screen in 2019 will be literary adaptations, drawn from popular novels, classic works of non-fiction, and even online fan-fiction.

Book Lovers fasten your seat belt. 2019 is going to be your year. Some of your favourite books are going to be adapted into Hollywood movies. And if you like to read books before being adapted into screenplay, get ready to read to your heart’s content this spring, because, some of the biggest Hollywood movies being released in 2019 are literary adaptations.

While there are a few standouts like The Devil Wears Prada, The Graduate, The Godfather and Broke back Mountain that made more of an impression as movies than books, more often than not, the book has more impact.

So, this spring, devote your time to reading some of these books before they become highly anticipated movies. Lets start this literary journey.

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Written by Manish


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