Author: Manish

Here’s Why You Should Start Eating Like An Israeli

Israel is a small Mediterranean country, not only does it rank as one of the healthiest countries in the world but their diet is also classified as one of the most nutritious and wholesome of all the diets out there. Numerous studies that have been conducted have shown that the Mediterranean diet can help prevent […]

The 7 Best New PC Games for Summer 2021

Put your sunblock on—you’re going to get monitor burn this summer! With so many great games releasing over the next season, you won’t want to move from your PC—well, maybe to hydrate at some point. In this article we’ll be taking you through the hot new PC games launching over the summer. RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE – […]

Amazingly Weird Yet Tasty Exotic Fruits No One Can Deny

Annoyed by pineapple, banana or kiwi? Does Apple seem boring to you? NO Oranges? Travelling around the world, or just searching for weird and cool facts, one can stumble upon some of the most weird yet tasty fruits. The internet has effectively erased the borders when it comes to things like a country’s native foods, […]

Home Remedies for Fair and Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to flaunt fair and flawless skin. There are many readymade fairness creams available that will lighten your complexion temporarily. However, they use harsh chemicals that may damage your skin in the long run. If you want fair and glowing skin, it is best to opt for safe home remedies that will have the […]

Top Safest Countries in The World to Travel 2022

Each year without fail, regardless of what’s going on in the world, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection produces its list of the safest places to travel. And over the years, we’ve seen travel threats from terrorism to Zika to a pandemic reflected in our rankings. Last year was the pandemic, obviously. This year it’s everything from […]

7 Books To Read Before They Become Movies In March 2019

Book Lovers fasten your seat belt. 2019 is going to be your year. Some of your favourite books are going to be adapted into Hollywood movies. And if you like to read books before being adapted into screenplay, get ready to read to your heart’s content this spring, because, some of the biggest Hollywood movies […]