18 Pictures From GOT Season 7 Premiere That Show How Stunning These Actors Look On The Red Carpet

GOT Season 7 Premiere

The winter came down to L.A. for the Game Of Thrones season 7 premiere!

The countdown for the winter to arrive has begun and the show-runners have already dropped in the first look of the Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1. The fantasy drama’s seventh season made its world premiere on Wednesday night, and of course, there were gasp-inducing surprises from the very start. However, what happened inside remained inside and no one was allowed to talk about the plot points, because the bomb will be dropped only on July 16 when the first episode of the much-awaited season 7 will be unveiled. 

With all the cast and crew assembling in for the grand event, it felt like Los Angeles turned into the wintery Westeros. Take a look at the pictures and see how the cast of the show looks like in real Life: 


16. Brienne of Tarth AKA Gwendoline Christie