Why Urfi Javed avoids clothes? The actress breaks her silence on the same

First Published Jan 7, 2023, 10:46 AM IST

Urfi Javed aka Uorfi, is loved and called out for her unconventional and bold fashion. The self-made star and style icon recently was embroiled in a controversy wherein many politicians tried to hit it back on her by alleging she should get jailed for indulging into nudity on Mumbai streets. Now Urfi has broken her silence on the same.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

Urfi Javed is one of the most prominent and loved TV personality who elevates the fashion game in the industry. She has worked hard to reach where she is today. She is an icon who needs no further introduction. Urfi’s sartorial choices in fashion are often a mix of eccentric and quirky, but the actress stands by it. She slams the trolls and even recently bashed a public figure on social media for commenting that she deserves to be in jail due to her fashion choices. Her spontaneity is what makes her the bold and quintessential fashion diva.

While she has garnered a strong fanbase for her creative yet fresh choices that redefine fashion. She also gets trolled and rape threats because of the same. But the diva is fearless and unapologetic when it comes to fashion trends. While a massive section of people loves her, some of them dislike her choices. But no matter what, people cannot ignore Urfi.

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The actress was recently a part of a controversy wherein many politicians wanted to put her in jail for indulging in nudity. Unfazed by this, she came back with a bang. Now Urfi has broken her silence on why she prefers being naked most of the time.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

In the few stories, the style icon has explained why she can’t wear complete clothes. In the first one, she asked her fans if they also get allergic to clothes in winters. There is a picture of her thighs with severe allergic rashes on both sides. Her caption reads, “Anyone else get these allergies in winters,” with a yes and no poll option for netizens to vote.

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

In the next one, she explains to fans what happens when she wears woolen clothes or full clothing. Urfi giving a view of her allergic legs, shares, “This is what happens when I wear woolen clothes or full clothes. Like, my body is actually allergic to clothes, guys. It’s a serious fucking problem.”

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

In the next one, she told her fans that now they know why she doesn’t wear clothes. She said, “So, now you guys know right why I don’t wear clothes. I have this serious condition. Like my body starts reacting when I wear full clothing. The proof is there. So that’s why mein itna nangi rehti hu. My body is allergic to clothes.”

Image: Urfi Javed / Instagram

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