Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever

Romcoms can be either your greatest weapon or your worst enemy when it comes to spending an evening with your boo. On the one hand, if all goes well, and they start crying and awing like every five minutes, things are looking up! However, if you hear things like ‘Well, that’s just dumb! Did you see that? OMG, cringe!’ – congrats, you’ve chosen poorly, and now, the best you can hope for is cold pizza for breakfast.

A bad romcom can screw you over, so here are some movie titles you should add to your no-no list (or your “scare away” list).

1. “Employee of the Month

Pop stars trying their strength in cinema usually does not lead to anything good. “Employee of the Month,” starring the ever-wonderful Jessica Simpson in the title role, is an explicit confirmation of this. Two supermarket workers, a loser and a perfectionist are fighting for their new, hot co-worker’s attention. For some wacky reason, they came to the idea that the only way to get her is to become an Alpha-male. And for a supermarket worker, that means getting the title of “employee of the month.”

Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever
Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever 1

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