Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

The United States, we all agree, has some of the most beautiful sites in the world. If you haven’t vacationed in the States, you have been missing on a whole lot of adventure. The U.S.A is beautiful at large but some places more than others. If you are planning on taking a vacation, the U.S.A should top your list. These places are among the best places, where you can spend your vacation. Take a look at what they have to offer

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

1. New York City

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A
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Sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, New York City has always been a beauty to reckon with. With Manhattan at its heart, the cultures you will stumble upon are just staggering in depth. Make sure you visit Williamsburg, the basis of art, indie music, and nightlife. In New York City, you will be taught how to party in class and in style. The city’s skyline and a statue of liberty are views you should make a point of seeing. If you get addicted to this incredible city, I promise not to judge.

2. Miami

When it comes to beach life, Miami is definitely the pacesetter. The turquoise waters and the white sands are not something you don’t want to see. Sometimes, the sand on Miami beaches has even been pink! Galleries and graffiti murals are other things you will get drawn to. Any artist who has been to Miami will tell you that inspiration is at every corner. The hotels and nightclubs are just on another level.

3. San Francisco

A hilly and foggy place, it is in northern California surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It boasts of a fine display of fine arts at the Golden Gate Park. It also has a natural historical display at the California Academy of Science. Whether you are there for a week or a month, you can never get enough of San Francisco. Make sure you visit Alcatraz Island, fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown and Union Square.

4. Chicago

In Illinois, on Lake Michigan is one of the largest cities in the United State; Chicago. Its architecture is a bold statement by itself citing skyscrapers like the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower, John Hancock Center, and others punctuating its skyline. When it comes to food, local delicacies include deep-dish pizzas and relish-topped hot dogs. It is also home to renowned museums and arts groups. When in Chicago, make sure to visit the Navy Pier, Shedd’s Aquarium, and Millennium Park, and Willis tower among other notably exciting places.

5. Maui

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A
Source: GoUSA.IN

An island of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui has an impressing 30 miles of beaches among them the golden-crescent Kapalua. At the peak of the island, sits Haleakala National Park and the volcanic Haleakala Mountain. If sunset cliff diving and windsurfing is your idea of fun, then Kaanapali and Ho’okipa are the places you should be looking forward to go. The island is also very ideal for hiking. Make sure you also visit the Iao Valley, and the Maui Ocean Center.

6. Yellowstone National Park

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

Can you believe that this place has a waterfall that is double the height of Niagara Falls! The park covers around 3500 square meters featuring hot springs, geysers, forests, rivers, and even canyons. The park is a natural habitat for a wide range of wild animals including wolves, elk, bears, and even bison. It also has a lake that is a great fishing and boating avenue. Its rivers have banks that encourage camping and hiking. Also make sure you visit Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Spring, and other sites too.

7. Yosemite National Park

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A
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It is in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is home to the ancient sequoia trees. Yosemite village has a museum and a gallery. At the village, you also find the Yosemite hotel and other motels that offer accommodation to those visiting the park. It is known for the dramatic views that the Glacier point and Mirror Lake offer. It is also known for granite cliffs and Half Dome. While there, make a point to visit the Dewey Point and to also try out their hiking places especially the wet climb to Vernal Fall.

8. Oahu

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

Also an island of the Hawaiian chain, it hosts the state capital, Honolulu. It has a historical Chinatown and a crater-turned cemetery known as Punchbowl. Home to the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Habour is also the bombing site of the 1941 World War 2 bombing. Apart from the Hawaiian beaches, it also boasts of sugarcane fields, waterfalls, steep ridges, rainforests, and other eye-pleasing sites. The north shore is where to be in Hawaiian culture, especially food fascinates you. Make sure you visit the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Diamond Head among others.

9. Key West

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

This is a United States island city of the Florida Keys chain. It lies at the southernmost point being only 90 miles from Cuba. It is more famous for its coral reefs (destinations for snorkeling and diving) rather than for its beaches. The houses around here are conch-styled and of a pastel hue. Make a point to visit its Old Town neighborhood and Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.

10. New Orleans

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A
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This is the origin of the widely accepted Jazz Music. Springtime around here, especially in Mardi Gas, is time for Jazz Festival. For this reason, this place is now for its easy-going people and party lovers. It also has a variety of cultures French and African cultures. When in New Orleans, make sure you visit the French Quarter and the Aquarium of the Americas.

11. Las Vegas

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A
Source: CNN

At the heart of Nevada’s Mojave Desert, this is where to vacation if partying 24/7 is what you have in mind. Replicas of the Egyptian pyramids will be found here. You definitely can’t miss the Eiffel Tower. Shopping is a general hobby around here with designer boutiques and malls being found almost everywhere. While here, you will need to visit the Las Vegas Strip and Bellagio to get the whole Las Vegas package.

12. Orlando

Found at the heart of Florida, this city is famous for its theme parks. Major theme parks include the Walt Disney World that is made of a Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and even a water park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter among others. The SeaWorld here is nothing short of epic. From dolphins to whales and penguins, Orlando is a major attraction site for anyone who finds fascination in the water world. If you are here, visit the whole of Disney World and Universal Orlando and you won’t want to ever leave.

13. Dallas

Dallas is nothing short of a modern metropolis. Here culture and history is preserved even through the waves of modernization. A thousand precious ears of art are well preserved in the Dallas Museum of Art and Crow Collection of Asian Art. If you want a glimpse of the African wildlife, Dallas zoo is where you should be heading to. Make sure you visit the Dallas World Aquarium all you will miss all the birds and marine life

If you haven’t been to even one of these place, they say you have no idea what the United States has to offer. They also say if you haven’t been to all of these places, you are yet to understand the depth of what the United States can offer.

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