Three ideas to spice up your winter wardrobe

First Published Jan 8, 2023, 7:00 AM IST

While winters are finally here, it is true that sometimes, we fear missing out on the latest fashion hacks and trends while wanting to be warm and stylish too. For people who want a perfect mix of both, here are three ideas to spice up your winter wardrobe.

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We are in the middle of winter. It is that time of the year when one tends to compromise and not indulge in the latest voguing fashion trends on style in favor of protection from the cold. If you are worried about your winter wardrobe, fret not. We got you covered.

The key lies in proper layering, something that compliments your warm clothing. Today, we have curated a list of three very stylish and attractive winter trends for you. By following these tips, you can add charm to your overall look. Here are three super simple ideas to spice up your winter wardrobe for the cold months ahead this year.

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1. Long Boots:

It is a trend that celebrities have caught up with quite well. Chances are, your favorite fashion influencer follows it too. Long boots with warm clothes are trending these days. In winter, long boots with skinny jeans and short dresses give you a perfect look. 

A large variety of long boots are available in the market. Shorter people can opt for long boots with heels. So, this winter, grab long boots to look fashionable and also have that bit of extra protection from the cold.

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2. Stylish Belt:

This winter, a stylish belt with a sweater and an overcoat is trending a lot. You can create a chic look. A concoction that blends comfort and fashion together. This look can make several heads turn towards you as well. 

You can achieve this milestone by using a fashionable belt to give an alluring and modern look to casual and simple clothes. Belts look trendy with turtle neck sweaters and woolen clothing. Belts are available in online stores and local shops.

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