Sonu Sood Hits Or Flops Movies List And Box Office Collection

Sonu Sood is a model turned actor and he has done positive as well as negative roles with equal panache. He has tried his luck not only in Hindi but also in southern languages especially Tollywood. Though Sonu was offered lead roles in the beginning he didn’t take them since he wants to get the right script.

Now let’s see the top ten movies of this talented artist in southern film industry.

1. Arundhati

The Telugu movie Arundhati (2009) was a film which was a perfect fodder to the acting skills of Sonu Sood. Anushka is the woman protagonist who fights against evil forces. Sonu Sood did a terrific job in the movie as an evildoer Aghora who creates problems for Arundhati. He looked ghastly in the movie and this is one of his best performances to date.

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