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The PhotoStick Review
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Get your all lost photos and videos instantly with Photo Stick.

We live in a world of selfies and images, where billions of photos and videos are being taken every day. Every time we try to capture all the happy moments whether it’s a vacation that you take with someone special, or its a festive celebration or your child’s birthday party. We want to record those moments and look back on them in the future. But what if your phone gets damaged or your computer gets stopped working, Mobile Phones fail all the time, one drop and you’ll lose all your files and there are n number of chances of losing your data.

What is photostick?


There are plenty of ways to save photos and videos as we can print them, store them in an external hard drive. but do you think that these ways are reliable and safe?

Keep these problems in our mind, we come up with a device called PhotoStick. The PhotoStick is a new product designed as a convenient way to backup files in seconds and to save on memory and to help you store your most-loved moments safely. Once you use the photo stick, you’ll no longer have to worry about photos or videos. You can even find long lost photos using it. Photo Stick looks just like a flash drive. It is very easy to use and carry unlike anything else in the market.

What files can a photostick find?

JPEG files are commonly used widely on the Internet, Computers, and Mobile Devices. But still, ThePhotoStick is capable of saving photos and videos Whether it’s JPEG, JPG, MP3, PNG or GIF this cool gadget will save all these for you with a just one click.

How Does PhotoStick works?

It is compatible with android, iOS, windows and mac too. Original photo stick is a gadget that can be used only on Windows or Mac. It is so easy to use as a flash drive. You just need to open its cap and find the free port on your computer. And simply insert the stick into that port. You may need to turn it over to make sure that it fits. 

Most computers will automatically recognize the tool if not then you just need to go to my computer and open the USB connected will show you few files and when you double click that file, your computer will authorize the Photostick software to run. If you have a Mac that won’t run the stick, you may need to search for the USB option on your computer. You also have the option of opening your file manager and typing the extension name of the stick into the box, which will force it to run. Once it finishes running, you have the option of removing the stick.

What are the good reasons to love this tool?

Nowadays phones come with huge memory storage. We aren’t saying its a bad but with huge memory, it will become very difficult to unclutter thousands of pictures and videos that are being captured every day every second. And after a point, these thousands of photos start slow down your device and make it difficult for you to find the files that you need. Photo stick offers a great way to move those files off your computer and to create backups of those you love the most.

It works very quickly, Even if you have thousands of photos and videos saved from over the years, you can still do a quick backup in a few minutes.

Why PhotoStick is the best because there’s no monthly or annual fee to charge, no additional software to install, and no other hardware needed to work. You won’t even need to sort them out yourself, because it does that for you.

Who’s the Photo Stick for?

This is for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of losing photos, videos and important documents. PhotoStick is also ideal for anyone who wants to free-up valuable memory on their devices. Experts always recommend that take back up of your hard drive on a regular basis gives a better speed to your device and reduce the risk of missing your data. With photo sticks, these both things can happen easily and It is compatible with all the devices whether it is used in mac, window, ios or android. 

How to buy photo stick?

If you want to avail the best price then buy it from the official manufacturer. Official manufacturers have a good discount for the shoppers and sometimes they run deals that let you get products for less or get a deal when you buy in bulk.

There is a reason behind why we recommend you to buy the photostick firm official manufacturer because there are high chances of fake or duplicate products in the market. So play safe, buy it directly.

What is the difference between a photostick and a flash drive?

The sole purpose of a photostick is to transfer media into its storage on being plugged in any of the device. While talking about the media, it could be images and videos. On the other hand, flash drive could store any software easily in its space as it is an open storage device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does photostick works?

This photosaving device really works very well. We have heard many reviews on this gadget and it is working fine!

What is the best photo backup device?

ThePhotostick is our choice for the best photo backup device.

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