What Should You Pack For A Summer Road Trip?

Getting out on the road always leads to an unforgettable trip. Cross country road trips are some of the best times you can have, especially if you don’t want to fly to your destination.

There’s something about long drives and your favorite songs that make the journey almost as fun as the destination. The tricky part about road trips is knowing what to pack. Here’s everything you need for a week out on the road during the summer.

What Should You Pack For A Summer Road Trip?
Summer Road Trip

The Essentials

Sunglasses – you never want to forget your sunnies, as you’ll want to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Sandals – these are crucial, and it’s important to make sure that these are comfortable for walking long distances

Comfortable Sandals Are Essential
Comfortable Sandals Are Essential

Sneakers – if you plan on hiking or working out during your trip, sneakers are absolutely essential

Sun hat – wide brim or baseball, it doesn’t matter, as long as it offers you protection from the strong sun rays, especially since you’ll be spending lots of time outside

Weekend bag – invest in a good one of these and you’ll never have to replace it, a good option is the Catalina Deluxe Weekender, as it is a great quality bag that can hold all your essentials

What Should You Pack For A Summer Road Trip?


Tank tops & T-shirts – these tops are important to keep your cool and comfortable, especially if they’re made of breezy and cool fabrics that won’t feel heavy and overbearing in the hot sun

Denim or Leather Jacket – jackets like these are excellent for evenings when you want to layer for a more dressed up look and in case you’re in an area where things cool down in the evening

Blouses – once again, these are great for mixing and matching and lightweight, cool fabrics are always a good option

Shorts – these are absolutely essential! Make sure you choose comfortable shorts that fit you well and you’ll be okay with wearing for long periods of time

Sundresses – these are perfect as they make you look super fashionable but they are extremely comfortable and easy to style: just throw them on!

Sundresses Are Always A Comfortable Option
Sundresses Are Always A Comfortable Option

Maxi dress – these are a fantastic choice because they are so versatile and comfortable for all occasions. Pair them with sandals and a sun hat and you’re ready to go in no time

Activewear – bring at least one activewear outfit with you so you can throw it on for a hike or a workout, make sure that it is comfortable

Bathing suits – bring 2-3 bathing suits since this is a summer road trip after all, especially if you’re planning on traveling around bodies of water

Make Sure You Have All The Essentials
Make Sure You Have All The Essentials

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