Netflix Increases Subscription Price Again

Everyone loves Netflix and it is the best digital entertainment platform of this age. But it is getting expensive for some users. The price of Netflix subscription is increasing for users. The entertainment company is well known for its popular web series and in order to make more web series Netflix needs a massive budget. Therefore, company is deciding to increase the subscription price.

Back in May 2014, a two-stream HD subscription of Netfilx cost you only $7.99 per month. But after May Netflix decided to increase the price, first Netflix charges $8.99, then they increase the price to $9.99 in October for new subscribers. The streaming service is charging extra $1 to $2.

Netflix is slightly changing its growing business. The traditional TV community is rapidly moving towards digital platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is leveraging this shift and also raising its price. Some old customers are still paying $7.99 to $8.99 right now but for new users Netlfix price is $9.99.

Netflix will increase the price in May. According to Reed Hastings the price will increase slowly till the end of this year.

Netflix also clearly mentioned that their old users will get more benefit from the stream than the new users.

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