LG AI Research Invests USD $89M To Make Super Giant AI

The giant LG AI research division in South Korea came into existence in 2020. The LG AI research labs facilitated new developments in AI technologies that bring intriguing services to consumer and business customers. 

Previously, LG AI research had accumulated funding of USD$180 million for research and development to make significant advances in the field of AI. In the current age of modernization, an age that is driven by technological advancements, LG AI research labs has now invested USD$89 million in a project named “Super Giant AI”. 

Learning More about Super Giant AI and its Objective 

Super Giant.AI is a large-scale computing infrastructure that resembles a human brain structure. The primary objective of Super Giant AI will comprehend, think, learn, and judge in real-time. This particular development learns from real-life situations. 

This is a significant move by LG AI research labs as the fresh development is capable of generating 9570 trillion calculations every second. This number will result in up to 600 million parameters for Super Giant AI work. 

Estimating the Progress Trajectory of Super Giant AI 

Estimations and speculations accord that the progress trajectory of Super Giant AI will induce fresher perspectives in the performances of business organizations and IT hubs as a whole. Besides providing a boost to the economic status of the organizations, Super Giant.AI infrastructure will transform the business perspective globally. 

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