Japanese Water Therapy: Why Is Water Essential For Your Skin?

Water is good for your health, especially your skin. The human body is made up of 75% water and if you aren’t drinking enough water, you are allowing the water content of your body to deplete leading to health effects, especially on the skin which is the largest part of your body.

Science Behind Water Therapy For Glowing Skin

Japanese Water Therapy

Depletion of water level in your body could lead to skin problems like dryness and flaky. Water is fast depleting from your body in the form of sweat and urine and if you aren’t replenishing it, you will face skin issues. Japanese water therapy is a great way to replenish your water content and keep your skin free from dark spots, acne, and blemishes.

Japanese Water Therapy: Do You Need It?

Before you start the therapy, you should know whether you need it. If your skin is dehydrated, you need this therapy. You could find your skin rough but you should check whether it is dehydrated. Japanese water therapy works best on dehydrated skin.

Signs Of Skin Dehydration

Signs Of Skin Dehydration

Dry Skin: Inadequate production of natural oils called sebum is the prime reason behind skin dryness. Or it could be due to an underactive thyroid gland or an imbalance in hormones. Sometimes it is inherited. For dry skin treatment, you need moisturizing creams instead of water therapy.

Dehydrated Skin: Less water intake, weather changes, unhealthy diet, and excessive caffeine consumption are prime factors behind dehydration of the skin. It lacks water and not natural oil. And it can be treated by increasing the water content. Following are the symptoms of dry skin.

Itchy Skin: Summer heat can strip your skin of its moisture leading to an itchy and dry feeling. While there will be enough sebum in the skin but it will look dry and flaky.

Increased Skin Sensitivity: Depleting water level will make your skin prone to bacterial infection leading to irritation and inflammation.

Dull Appearance: Dehydrated skin appears dull because of the accumulation of dead cells. Since it can’t shed old cells and regenerate new ones due to dehydration, the skin appears dull.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines: Pinch your skin gently to see whether pinching forms fine lines on the skin. If yes then your skin is dehydrated.

Delayed Repair: Dehydration interferes with the transfer of skin signals and chemokines needed for damage repair. It leads to delayed repair.

Japanese water therapy is the most convenient and reliable way to replenish your depleting water content and make your skin healthy again.

Benefits Of Water Therapy

Benefits Of Water Therapy
Japanese Water Therapy: Why Is Water Essential For Your Skin? 1
  1. Improves The Thickness And Density Of The Skin

The skin contains 30% of the total water in the body. It is due to water that skin becomes resilient and elastic. It looks plump. The water lost in sweat, urine, and due to environmental factors is replenished with fresh water intake. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will lose its resilience and elasticity.

  1. Flushes Out Toxins

Kidneys filter toxins from blood with the help of water. The nutrient-rich oxygenated blood nourishes body parts including the skin. But low water content will disturb kidney function leading to an increase of toxic content in the body especially skin.

  1. Boosts Normal Skin Function

The skin prevents water loss from the internal body parts and eliminates toxins. Also, it synthesizes vitamin D and prevents the body from sun damage. And it needs sufficient water content to perform all these functions. Reduction of water content could lead to skin dehydration and loss of normal functions.

  1. Weight Loss

Water increases the Resting Energy Expenditure which is calories burnt in an inactive state like resting and sleeping. It is called the thermogenic effect of water. Thermic energy is calories burnt for processing food items. Also, drinking water will reduce the amount of food intake and weight loss in the long run.

It is clear that drinking plenty of water is good not only for your skin but your entire body. If you have skin dehydration, you should follow Japanese water therapy to replenish the water in your skin.

Japanese Water Therapy

Step One: Drink 4-6 glasses of water with each glass containing 160-200 ml of water every day in the morning. Drink it empty stomach, and keep the water at room temperature. If you want, you can add lemon juice to it.

Step Two: Avoid eating anything for 45 minutes after drinking water and try doing lightweight exercises like jogging or yoga. Or you can continue with your daily routine. But you can brush your teeth after drinking water.

Step Three: Maintain a gap of two hours between two meals and avoid drinking or eating anything in these hours. For example, don’t eat or drink anything for two hours after completing your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Step Four: If you have difficulty drinking 4-6 glasses of water in one go, you can take a short break after drinking a glass. Also, try drinking lemon water to develop a liking for flavored water.

Things To Consider Before Starting Japanese Water Therapy

Japanese Water Therapy: Why Is Water Essential For Your Skin?

If you are aging or have a health issue but you still want to follow the therapy then you should start with one glass and increase the number of glasses gradually.

Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages that have a dehydrating effect on the body.

Avoid drinking excess water as it could lead to water intoxication which is a fatal condition.

Consult your doctor before starting any alternative therapy. Also, remember that the quantity of water required for the therapy depends on the fitness level, age, weight, and climatic conditions.

Final Thoughts

You should drink plenty of water to replenish the water lost by the body. Drinking water will prevent dehydration and skin and other health issues. Your skin will remain elastic and supple. Your kidneys will function well. Japanese water therapy can help maintain the water content in your body. But you should be careful about drinking excess water or consuming dehydrating drinks while taking the therapy.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to take Japanese water therapy only after consulting a doctor.

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