Codashop Review – Perfect Online Gaming Experience

Online games’ popularity has indeed increased today, be it for candy crush fans or professionals like those playing Call of Duty around the world. But as much as these games are thrilling, many players also face difficulties in purchasing certain power-ups, weapons, gear, and other items to complete certain levels in these games because of the lack of credit. Thus, to enable every game enthusiast to play their favorite online games easily, Codashop offers instant game credits online without a credit card. Interesting right? In this Codashop review, we will take you through some critical details about this platform and also guide you on how through Codashop, players can instantly get game credits on their game account.

What is Codashop?

Codashop is a one-stop shop for all things related to gaming and computers. Whether you want to purchase hardware or software, gaming consoles, and even computer peripherals, Codashop is an excellent outlet for all these items. Moreover, Codashop’s secure services for top-ups in online games have become all the rage. You could be playing Call of Duty: Mobile or BGMI, but chances are that you’ll have to make some in-game purchases. In either case, Codashop can provide you with the best prices for the in-game currencies.

Moreover, since Krafton has officially partnered with Codashop, there won’t be any legal issues either. In fact, Krafton has integrated the Codashop website within the game itself.

A favorite amongst millions of gamers, Codashop is a platform that allows one to buy in games and currencies through a seamless process. It gives direct pop-ups to game publishers so that players can make instant purchases.

You can avail purchases for some of the most popular games such as-

Genshin Impact

Codashop has partnered with HoYoverse through which it offers official Genshin Impact top us-

First top-up bonusBonus gift
Top up 60 Genesis Crystals to get 120 Genesis CrystalsTop up 60 Genesis Crystals to get 60 Genesis Crystals
Top up 300+30 Genesis Crystals to get 600 Genesis CrystalsTop up 300+30 Genesis Crystals to get 330 Genesis Crystals
Top up 980+110 Genesis Crystals to get 1,960 Genesis CrystalsTop up 980+110 Genesis Crystals to get 1,090 Genesis Crystals
Top up 1,980+260 Genesis Crystals to get 3,960 Genesis CrystalsTop up 1,980+260 Genesis Crystals to get 2,240 Genesis Crystals
Top up 3,280+600 Genesis Crystals to get 6,560 Genesis CrystalsTop up 3,280+600 Genesis Crystals to get 3,880 Genesis Crystals
Top up 6,480+1,600 Genesis Crystals to get 12,960 Genesis CrystalsTop up 6,480+1,600 Genesis Crystals to get 8,080 Genesis Crystals
What is Codashop?
Codashop Review - Perfect Online Gaming Experience

Mobile Legends

Codashop has partnered with Moonton to offer official Mobile Legends bang bang diamonds

You can avail top-up for-                                     

55 Diamonds275 Diamonds
565 Diamonds1160 Diamonds
1770 Diamonds2975 Diamonds
4165 Diamonds6000 Diamonds
Starlight MembershipTwilight Membership
Codashop Review - Perfect Online Gaming Experience
Codashop Review - Perfect Online Gaming Experience

8 Ball pool

Codashop has partnered with Miniclip to offer 8 ball pool cash, coin and cue deal that can help you in saving up to 35%

You can also avail top-ups for

Pool coda bundleGolden Spin
3 Golden Shots5 scratchers
15 Scratchers20 Cash
50 Cash110 Cash `
250 cash800 cash
2000 cash20000 coins
52000 coin112 000 Coins
256 000 coins800 000 coins
2000 000 coins 
Codashop Review - Perfect Online Gaming Experience

Ludo club

By partnering with Moonfrog, Codashop offers official Ludo Club top-ups

Coin Pack 30kCoin Pack 150k
Coin Pack 1 mCoin Pack 2.5 m
Coin Pack 10mCoin Pack 50 m
Cash Pack 120Cash Pack 250
Cash Pack 700Cash Pack 3200
Cash Pack 10800Cash Pack 2000

Thetan Arena

Through Codashop avail Velvet- Violet Blossom Bundle with Coda special offer pack

You can also get top-ups-

Non-gTHC Hero Common
Non-gTHC Hero Epic
Non-gTHC Hero Legendary

Land of Doran

By partnering with Turing Game, Codashop offers official Land of Doran Ruby top- ups 

You can avail top-ups

80 Ruby400 Ruby
800 Ruby1200 Ruby
1600 Ruby2400 Ruby
4080 Ruby8400 Ruby

Punishing: Gray Raven

With Partner as Kuro Technology, Codashop offers the following top-ups 

(Android) 5- Rainbow Cards(Android) 28 Rainbow Cards
(Android) 34 Rainbow Cards(Android) 59 Rainbow Cards
(Android) 71 Rainbow cards(Android) 119 Rainbow Cards
(Android) 299 Rainbow Cards(Android) 600 Rainbow Cards
(i0S) 5 Rainbow Cards(iOS) 28 Rainbow Cards
(iOS) 34 Rainbow Cards(iOS) 59 Rainbow Cards
(iOS) 71 Rainbow Cards(iOS) 119 Rainbow Cards
(iOS) 299 Rainbow Cards(iOS) 600 Rainbow Cards

League of Legends

With Codashop buy RP for league of legends in seconds while getting easy recharges such as

700 RP1450 RP
2650 RP4500 RP
7000 RP14000 RP

Legends of Runeterra

Through Codashop avail top-ups of Runeterra coins in just seconds. You can do the following top-ups through Codashop easily

500 Coins1000 Coins
2050 Coins3650 Coins
5350 Coins11000 Coins

Codashop and Giveaways

Remember we said that today online games are just more about only games as it also offers several exciting rewards such as cashback etc.

Some of the exciting offers you can get on Codashop are-

  • 1.  Get Assured INR 75 cashback on using Top-up using LAZYPAY
  • 2.  Get Flat INR 35 cashback using Paytm wallet for BHMI UC top-up
  • 3.  Assured INR 50 using LazyPay

Codashop and Digital Vouchers


You can avail 50% off on Tinder Gold or Tinder Premium through Codashop

Vouchers are available for

Tinder Plus 1Week PROMOTinder Plus 1 MonthPROMO
Tinder Gold 1 MonthPROMOTinder Gold 6 MonthsPROMO
Tinder Gold 12 MonthsPROMO 

OkCupid Voucher

Upgrade to OkCupid’s  premium vouchers with Codashop. Avail vouchers for

OkCupid 1 Week25% OFFOkCupid 1 Month50% OFF

How do payments for Codashop work?

Codashop as one of the pioneers of their field has partnered with some of the most established and relying names to offer a compelling range of digital goodies to their players. Some of the partners are

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Grab
  • Paytm
  • Gojek
  • Jumia
  • Tokopedia

Players can use easy transaction methods to make purchases on Codashop. For example, if the player is from India then they can use the following payment methods

  • A.   Paytm
  • B.   UPI
  • C.   MobiKwik
  • D.   Net Banking
  • E.    FreeCharge

Why choose Codashop for top-up for online games?

1.  It is convenient

In a matter of just a few seconds, you can complete the buying process at Codashop. 

2.   Easy and transparent payment methods

As mentioned above the various payment partners of Codashop have made the entire payment transaction seamless and quick

3.  Exciting offers

To let players enjoy more than just the online games, Codashop offers exclusive offers of rewards and cashback on their favorite games

4.  Instant delivery

Without much delay, the Codashop delivers directly to the player’s game account as soon as the payments are completed.

5.  Customer Assistance

To ease out the player’s experience, Codashop offers efficient customer support. The timings may vary from place to place. For example in India, customer support can be reached from 9 Am to 9.30 PM all 7 days of the week.

Final TakeAway

After looking at the plethora of top-ups and vouchers available on the platform, this Codashop review thinks that if you are an avid online gamer then this platform is definitely a smart way to purchase game items and top-ups as it offers instant top-ups along with great cash back rewards. Furthermore, the number of games for which Codashop can be used are innumerable which makes this platform stand apart from other competitors. Not only this, Codashop has expanded itself from just being a game platform but also as a provider for digital vouchers so that the platform is accessible to everyone and not just online gaming champions.

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