Take a Look at How These 20 NFL Players Completely Lost All Their Cash

If you pay even a little bit of attention to the NFL, you’re well aware that it’s an understatement to say that professional football players have the potential to earn quite a good deal of money. Even if you’re a second-string member of the team, chances are you’re earning more dough than most lawyers make. And if you’re a star player, you can really rake in cash.

Many NFL players end up going bankrupt and losing everything after they retire. While some retired athletes go on to start successful new business ventures or find new roles to fill within the sports world, others fly in the complete opposite direction.

Read on to discover more about these 20 NFL players who earned millions of dollars during their careers, only to end up with nothing after their retirement.

Tiki Barber

Take a Look at How These 20 NFL Players Completely Lost All Their Cash

Tiki Barber overcame many obstacles in his lifetime and eventually found himself as the top running back for the Giants. Since he was so good at playing football, he earned a considerable amount of money during his NFL career. After retiring he landed himself a job at NBC as a sports analyst where he was making a solid living.

However, during that time, he left his wife to marry an intern with whom he was having an affair with. This move caused him to lose his job with NBC as a morality clause was part of his contract.