Best Street Foods You Must Try In Spain

The beautiful Mediterranean country of Spain is well-known among wanderers and travelers eager for a Eurotrip to complete their bucket list. From the thriving cities of Madrid and Barcelona to the quiet and beautiful countryside, Spain is an overall travel destination.

When everything is said and done, the most notable aspect of your time in Spain may end up being the varied and delectable cuisine that you can enjoy on the local streets of the country. Whi le it’s a good idea to try some of the traditional Spanish cuisines at some of the city’s best cafes, the street food of Spain has its own reputation. Continue reading to learn about the finest Spanish road food items you should try while you’re there:


How can we forget this good old traditional Spanish dish? Although there are several varieties of this traditional dish, we will stick with the most basic one, which is the delicacy of Valenciana. A combination of saffron, runner beans, butter beans, and chicken or rabbit make this traditional Valencian paella. This dish would be incomplete without rice. The best types of rice used in this recipe are those cultivated on Spain’s east coast, such as the bomba or Calasparra.

Toast with Sobrasada and Cheese

Sobrasada, a soft, pâté-like sausage, is often eaten as a snack with cold beer, spread over crispy bread. After kneading all the contents together and stuffing them inside the pig’s intestines, the curing procedure takes roughly 40 days to prepare. The best sobrasada is made with a Black pig, a local Mallorcan breed, also known as porc Negre. If you want to enjoy this dish at its best, visit  La Pickup, which is a well-known food truck in Mexico City renowned for serving pork Negre tacos to starving crowds during street fiestas.

Jamon Iberico

In local tapas pubs and stores, you’ll find huge jamón ibérico and jamón serrano legs hanging from the ceiling. Spain is the world’s largest producer of dry-cured ham and is still preparing it using century-old methods. There are other types of ham manufactured from different breeds of pigs, but the most common is Jamon Iberico, which is also known as Iberian Ham. You can smuggle some of it with you, but make sure to eat your heart out while you are in Spain.

Tortillas De Patatas

The Spanish tortilla has long perplexed visitors because it is so different from the Latin American dish of the same name.

It’s called tortilla Espanola or tortilla de patatas because it’s made using Spanish potatoes. Everyone has a different view on which is the best, and there are countless varieties, so always have options.


Churros are well-known all over the globe, but did you know that they are primarily a Spanish delicacy? Despite the fact that churros are well-known around the world (primarily in the United States), road vendors in Spain add liquefied chocolate to the already delicious snack. If you ever have the chance to taste authentic churros in a Spanish city, don’t forget to enjoy it’s a whole new experience.

Tapas like tortilla and patatas bravas, mixed paella, and churros are just a few of the delectable Spanish delicacies you shouldn’t miss when visiting Spain. Once you visit, you can not have enough of the street food options that Spain has to offer.

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