4 best winter nail care tips

First Published Jan 7, 2023, 7:00 AM IST

This winter, it is essential and very crucial to take good care of your nails if you don’t want them to suffer. Here are some tips for winter nail care. 

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Even if we may go to great lengths to protect our skin during the winter, many people have a bad habit of ignoring their hands, especially nails. If you do not want your nails to suffer this winter, it is required to take proper care of them this season. 

It is true that while people take good care of their entire body, but they often forget their nails which leads to many issues and also severe infectious diseases that can be detrimental and fatal. If you are someone who does not know enough ways to make sure even nails are healthy, we have got you covered. Here are four ways to take care of our nails in winters.

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Never let your nails be bare:

Never let your nails grow bare. Nails are protected from water when covered in base coat, polish, and top coat. Because they are covered, they are also less likely to crack and peel. Polish is a must for nail protection. Naked nails are depressing and sad nails.

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Keep your nails nourished:

Take one tablespoon of castor and almond oil, whisk in some nourishing winter-care hand cream, and then soak your nails in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Extend your hands, then rub the liquid into them. Your hands and nails will both be moisturized and nourished by this.

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Keep your nails hydrated and covered:

Our nails lose a lot of moisture in the winter when the temperature decreases in this cold weather like everything else. As a result, dry and brittle nails might occur from a lack of moisture. In order to avoid moisture loss from the cold weather and to prevent your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking, keep your hands, fingers, and nails hydrated. Use a quality hand lotion, and be careful to massage it into each nail and coat it with it.

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Keep cleaning your nails with nail polish remover:

You might notice that your polish is chipping more frequently due to the lotion applied right now, leaving tiny exposed portions of the nail. It is a fact that lotion oils effectively disrupt the link between your polish and nails. Make care to clean your nails with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover before painting them. You can get rid of the surface oils. What counts is that you would keep the oils absorbed into your nail. And always apply a base coat first, followed by a top coat. It preserves your polish and shields your nails.

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