5 Indian Cricketers Who Hold Government Jobs

Cricket is quite religiously followed in India and cricketers are looked down as role models by the upcoming generation. There is no doubt that millions of individual want to play for the country. But very few individuals manage to actually do that in their life.

However, the ones that represent India in cricket have some similar kind of qualities like patience, perseverance and determination. Interestingly, these qualities are usually found in individuals working in government jobs, which are equally difficult to crack as far as India is concerned.

Meanwhile, there are some cricketers, who have been rewarded with some good posts in the government sector. These players didn’t give any examination. However, they proved their worth by delivering astonishing performances on the field.

So, here we are with the names of five cricketers who hold government jobs:

1. KL Rahul

KL Rahul, the right-handed Indian batsman is certainly one of the best in India. He has cemented his place in the national side on the back of his prolific batting performances in the past couple of years.

The right-handed batsman is quite able to bat at any position in the side. Moreover, he is quite quick behind the stumps. The 28-year-old also did exceedingly well on his tour to New Zealand earlier this year.

Surprisingly, the RBI had recognized his talent quite early before he became a regular face in Team India. The Reserve Bank had appointed him as the assistant manager, who previously featured in an RBI advertisement in which he was spotted promoting the financial literacy and its importance in the country.

KL Rahul
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