What Are the Best Haircuts for Women Over 50?

There seems to be a strange misconception that as soon as a woman hits 50, she needs to start to think about chopping off her long hair or considering a perm. Although both of these are options, there are absolutely no rules to getting older. If you look good and feel good, that’s what matters! Remember, many people say that 50 is the new 30, and looking at the gorgeous 50+ celebrities out there, you’ll find it hard to disagree. Haircuts for women over 50 don’t have to be dull. Furthermore, the right haircut can take years off of you.

20. Retro Never Goes Out of Style

Retro styles can be anything from pin curls to victory curls; there are plenty of options to choose from. Back in the day, women wore their hair the way they wanted to and the way that they could. Now, we have legions of products that can help us to achieve those same looks. And you know what? They can look great. After all: Why be Greta Garbo when you could be Margo Channing or Norma Desmond?

Retro styles

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