Cheapest Offbeat Locations for 4th July Weekend Getaways!

For the first time ever this year, you wear some American flag-printed clothing. “It’s a quintessential Fourth of July look.” Besides the sound of kids running around in the yard, there is the smell of sizzling burgers. It’s a sunny day with beer. The heat is unbearable. It’s a nice, relaxing experience overall. How about […]

15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Norway

A jewel of Northern Europe, Norway offers a mix of culture and natural wonder. From the cosmopolitan capital city of Oslo to the snow-capped mountain peaks, there are a variety of choices for travelers. It is the land of the midnight sun, with a latitude that allows for endless days during a portion of the […]

The 10 Best Hotels in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York, and it is also one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. The main reason for this is that the city has such a vast array of things to see and do during a visit. If you are planning to take a vacation in Buffalo or […]

How to Obtain a Visa for the U.S. from India

US visa is official permission that allows a non-American citizen to travel to the United States of America. It is a permit that grants its holder access to enter, travel and stay within the US for a short or indefinite period of time or shift permanently. A foreign national is granted with the US visa […]

10 Weirdest Hotels to Stay For an Adventurous Vacation

Summers are here and vacations are calling you out. Vacations are something which you enjoy for a short period of time and where the memories are long-lasting . Here are some top 10 weirdest hotels of America which will make your holidays full of fun and frolic. Curiosity paves way for the best vacations and […]

Top 13 Vacation Destinations in The U.S.A

The United States, we all agree, has some of the most beautiful sites in the world. If you haven’t vacationed in the States, you have been missing on a whole lot of adventure. The U.S.A is beautiful at large but some places more than others. If you are planning on taking a vacation, the U.S.A […]

What Should You Pack For A Summer Road Trip?

Getting out on the road always leads to an unforgettable trip. Cross country road trips are some of the best times you can have, especially if you don’t want to fly to your destination. There’s something about long drives and your favorite songs that make the journey almost as fun as the destination. The tricky […]

The nine most spoken languages in the world

Language is an incredibly important tool in our lives. We use language to communicate with everyone and only when this tool is taking away do we realize how important it is. When we speak to someone that uses a different language we immediately realize how much we rely on language every day. There are many […]

We Now Know How Long Each Day Is On Venus

For years we have wondered just how long each day is on the planet Venus, and after 15 years of extensive and precise radio observations, astronomers have finally been able to get a very good measurement. They’ve been able to track how fast the planet rotates, which means how long each day is in comparison […]