Top 10 Fastest Football Players in 2019

When we talk about Football, it is not always about skills. Some people make their game way much better with their speed and today we are posting about the Top 10 Fastest Football Players in 2019.

Fastest Players in 2019

You might be watching some names and don’t get shocked! While talking about this game, you know very well the fan following for Football which is unmatchable by any other sports in the world. If we give you an estimation on the following of football, i.e, 4Bn.

10. Bjorn Engels

Talking about this player Bjorn Engels is a Belgian Professional Footballer and plays as a centre back for Aston Villa.

Top Speed: 22.89 mph

9. Kyle Walker

This guy is an English professional player and playing for Manchester City and English National Team as right back.

Top Speed: 22.89 mph

8. Gareth Bale

Everyone knows about this man. A Welsh professional footballer who plays for Spanish Club Real Madrid as a winger. He is very known for his pace ability in the game.

Top Speed: 22.93 mph

7. Arjen Robben

A Dutch former professional footballer who played as a winger. From the 2009-19, he played in Bayern Munich.

Top Speed: 22.99mph

6. Phil Foden

A Professional English Footballer and midfielder for Manchester City club as well.

Top Speed: 23.09 mph

5. Shane Long

An Irish Professional Football Player who is playing as a striker for Southampton & the Republic of Ireland National Team as well.

Top Speed: 23.19mph

4. Caglar Soyuncu

He is a Turkish Professional Footballer and plays as a defender for Leicester City.

Top Speed: 23.29mph

3. Dimitri Oberlin

He is a Swiss Professional Football Player and plays as a forward for Zulte Waregem (on loan from Basel).

Top Speed: 23.61mph

2. Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe Lotin – He is a French Professional Player and plays as a forward for Paris-Saint German (Ligue 1 club). Very well known for his speed, dribbling and finishing in the games.

Top Speed: 23.61mph

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo - Fatest Football Player

The world knows about this man from the very beginning. Be it his skills, the speed you can’t afford to miss a match of Cristiano Ronaldo at all. He is a Portuguese Professional Footballer and plays as a forward for Juventus. CR7 is the captain for his national Team Portugal.

Top Speed: 24.17mph

Thank you reading our post, hope you liked it. Some players might be missing in the list but it is solely created for just informational purpose. This is not according to a fixed list.

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