“There’s Plenty of Material”: Director Hints at a Possible Bonus Episode of the Michael Jordan Documentary

After Chicago Bulls won their second three-peat in 1998, their dynasty came to an abrupt end. So did the documentary, The Last Dance, that concentrated on Michael Jordan and the Bulls 1998 win.

At the end of the show, it showed Jordan retiring for the second time, Phil Jackson moving to Los Angeles Lakers and other players moving elsewhere. In a recent appearance on the Jalen and Jacoby show, The Last Dance’s director Jason Hehir said he had plenty of material if they wanted to release another episode of the series.

“If we want to do that, there’s plenty of material to do so,” he said when the host asked him if a bonus episode of The Last Dance was possible.

After the 1998 win, Phil Jackson went on to coach the Lakers to similar success, winning a three-peat with them. He helped shape Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal into one of the best players in the league. Jordan, meanwhile, came back from retirement once again and played two seasons for Washington Wizards. Scottie Pippen also had a few more years in the NBA but away from the Bulls.

The last thing Hehir asked Michael Jordan while interviewing for The Last Dance

Jason Hehir might have had to conduct many interviews with Jordan and many others. Hehir revealed how he tried to end it with a big question to Jordan.

 “The last thing I asked him in the last interview was: ‘100 years from now, what do you want people to say about you as a player? And then 100 years from now, what do you want people to say about you as a person?” Hehir told IndieWire.

Hehir also said that Jordan and many other players did not want to watch the documentary because they had

“I had to be careful with the wording of that question because I didn’t want to say, ‘When you’re dead and gone, how do you want to be remembered in 100 years?’ I’m sure in his mind, he thinks, ‘I could live to be 156. If anyone could do it. I can,’” he said.

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