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Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has revealed few interesting details about Shane Warne and the Australian dressing room culture when both players were in the side together. Clarke said that the Australian players were allowed to take just basic essentials like t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, joggers and a cap but Shane Warne gave up all the aforementioned items and instead chose cigarettes on the 3-day training camp.

“For someone like Warnie who loved a smoke, he pretty much told them he is not coming unless he can bring his smokes. It was World War five,” Clarke said on Big Sports Breakfast.

Clarke said that Buchanan and Warne brokered a deal where the leg-spinner had to chuck a piece of clothing for every deck of smokes he packed.

“Warnie flicked his three pairs of undies, flicked his three pairs of socks and put six packs of darts in and off we went.

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“In the middle of the bush, sleeping bag only, no cover, no shelter, on the ground and it was pitch black. All you could see was this orange light coming out of someone’s sleeping bag and it was Warnie just sucking his dart back,” Clarke further added.

The Ashes and World Cup-winning captain also spoke about the tumultuous relationship between Warne and the then coach John Buchanan and said that they never got along.

“The fact him and John didn’t get on and Warnie didn’t respect John Buchanan as a coach at all, that he thought I’m not getting told what to do from this dude.

““If it was Ricky Ponting there, Warnie would have found a way to either bite his tongue or he might have said something to Ricky one-on-one … it wouldn’t have been in front of everyone. At that stage Warnie was so done with John Buchanan he didn’t care,” Clarke said.

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