Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Today Price, Release Date, Specifications and Everything Else We Know

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is expected to launch its redeeming phone, the Galaxy S8, on Wednesday as it looks to come out of the negative limelight that its exploding Note 7 phones got from consumers globally. However, as is customary with big smartphone launches, there have been rumours and speculations doing the rounds along with leaked images of the phone.

This is what we know about the phone for sure:

1)Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S8 March 29 in New York City
2)It will feature Samsung’s new AI assistant, Bixby
3)It will use Samsung’s revised eight-point battery testing procedure
4)Samsung will leave more space inside for the battery (even though that’s not what caused the Note 7 to flame out)

Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

Samsung is expected to launch new earphones replacing the white rubber ones bundled in predecessors. The new earbuds are reportedly made by audio company AKG and will have a braided cable which means less tangling and less prone to attracting dust. The wired earphones have a volume remote control and microphone as well. Samsung is also expected to launch power banks alongside in Blue and Grey shades. The 5100mAh power banks are capable of quick charging, with a ceiling limit of 15W. The power bank carries the model number EB-PG950 and are priced at EUR 60 (roughly Rs. 4,200) each.

Separately, a Continuum-like device called DeX (short for desktop experience) is also rumoured to be launched, which is essentially a dock station that allows you to connect your Galaxy S8 to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and use it on the big screen for improved productivity. The DeX station features two USB Type-A ports, one Ethernet port, one USB Type-C port, one HDMI port, and a built-in fan. The Ethernet port is rated for 100Mbps, while the USB Type-A ports use USB 2.0 speeds. It is reportedly priced at EUR 149 (roughly Rs. 10,500).

What do the rumours tell us?

1) A much narrower bezel and bigger, dual-curved display
2) Ultra-high-def 4K resolution
3) A revamped home button that’s virtual or located on the rear of the phone
4) Facial recognition and/or iris scanning
5) A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 9 processor (depending on the region)
6) Dual rear cameras
7) Video capture at 1,000 frames per second
8) Headphone jack
9) USB-C port
10) SIM card or microSD slot
11) Color options including black, white, blue, gold, silver and violet.

How can I watch the Galaxy S8 announcement live stream?

The easiest way to watch a real-time feed of the Galaxy S8 launch is to view the video we will be embedding at the top of this page, but you have other options too. Samsung has a dedicated Unpacked app that is available free from Google Play or the App Store for your mobile devices. Through the app you can access related videos as well as a live stream. If you’d rather watch on a PC or laptop you can tune in live at Samsung’s website. This video will also be broadcast live on YouTube, which you can stream through the YouTube app on any compatible device, including connected TVs.

Another option, if your internet connection is too flaky for a live stream or you don’t have the time to sit and watch, we’ll be live-blogging the event’s proceedings below.