Lockdown: Mkhize gives full support to cigarette, alcohol ban

WATCH | Health Minister Zweli Mkhize holds virtual Covid-19 engagement with experts

He said alcohol resulted in many problems, including neurological ones.

“Under the circumstances we are working in, we really need everyone to cooperate so we can reduce pressure in hospitals and the possibility of people being infected, because everyone is taking a very responsible approach when they are in sober senses,” said Mkhize.

He said the problem with alcohol consumption was that the government had to rely on people’s sober judgement to be able to conduct themselves in way that encouraged physical distancing, people coughing properly, and hygiene.

“The less alcohol you have, the less trauma you will find in hospital. There will be less people who have been shot and less people injured from car accidents and people being stabbed. Less alcohol improves the health of individuals,” said Mkhize.

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