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Krishna Janmashtami 2017

Krishna Janmashtami 2017: is an annual celebration celebrated on the birth of Hindu deity Lord Krishna also called as Shri Krishna Jayanti. Janmashtami is also known as Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, and Lord Krishna Jayanti.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the most important festival of our temple. The entire world celebrates the divine appearance of Lord Sri Krishna. In our temple, the arrangements for the festival start well ahead. The entire temple is cleaned and painted. Electricians perch themselves at various places to hook up the lights which will dazzle the onlookers. The temple hall is decorated with flowers and festoons. Truckloads of vegetables, grains and fruits arrive at the kitchen. Numerous people are engaged in various culinary activities.

Lord Krishna Jayanthi (the eight avatar of Vishnu) celebrated on the Ashtami (eighth day) of the Krishna Paksha of Shravana which falls in between August-September in the Hindu calendar. The Hindus celebrate this festival by Krishna Janmashtami Fasting, worshipping and staying up until odd hours (midnight) and offer special prayers to Lord Krishna.

One of the specialties of Janmashtami is the offerings made to the Lord. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is offered 108 different food items. With great care and attention, devotees prepare these food items to be offered to their beloved Lord. Tons of sweet pongal is prepared for distributing to the visitors who come to the temple on this most auspicious day to have the darshan of their Lord.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami holds a spiritual significance in Hindu calendars as people fat through the day and break the fast by midnight to complete the celebration of this auspicious occasion. This is because Lord Krishna was believed to be born at midnight. The celebration is marked by singing devotional songs and reading scriptures.

Other than this, according to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was exchanged with the baby girl born to his foster parents, Yashoda and Nand. This is because of his birth parents, Devaki and Vasudeva wanted to save him from his maternal uncle, Kansa. Since King Kansa was adamant on killing Lord Krishna during his birth, he also imprisoned his birth parents.

Owing to its spiritual significance, Janmashtami is also celebrated by many on the day which marks the incarnation of the highest preacher of the philosophy of the Vedas, Vedanta. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has spoken about four paths to liberation. According to many, these four paths to liberation are the greatest spiritual gift of Janmashtami to mankind and their thought process.

Usually, to celebrate this day, along with the ‘Mataka Todh’ competition, Lord Krishna is often embellished in a cradle and ceremonies and celebrations are held around it. Therefore, Janmashtami’s sole significance and importance lies in one fact: the destruction of evil and the prevalence of good and positive things around us subsequently leading to unity and faith amongst those who celebrate this day.

Krishna Janmashtami Muhurat

  • This Janmashtami is Lord Krishnas’ 5243rd Birth Anniversary
  • Puja Time: 24:17 Hrs to 00:03 Hrs
  • Second Day Celebrations: (26th Aug)
  • Parana Time from 10:52 which is Rohini Nakshatra End Time
  • Dahi Handi, Ashtami Tithi begins at 22:17 Hrs and Ends at 25th August 20:07 Hrs.

Krishna Janmashtami WhatsApp Status

Celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday, helps in awakening our spirit & reminds us Of His presence always! Happy Janmashtami.

May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away all your makhan & mishri with all your worries & sorrows. Happy Janmashtami!”

Lord Krishna believed in Karam Yoga, Follow the right path, and See unity in diversity, Serve humanity without expecting rewards. Happy Janmashtami!!”

Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Messages

May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you happiness, health & prosperity; and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtmi! And give you all the love, peace and happiness. Happy Sre Krishna Janmashtami!!”

May Lord Krishna Shower All His Blessing on You, May you get a lot of happiness in life. Happy Janmashtami 2016.”