“I thought I was going to die”: Kashmera Shah, wife of Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show, slams Mumbai hospitals after Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth refused treatment

Kashmera Shah, the wife of Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show, has slammed Mumbai hospitals after former Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth said she was refused treatment, adding that she felt she was going to die.

Sambhavna Seth

In her emotional note, Kashmera wrote, “Here where we are applauding a whole lot of our health care workers for their constant fight to save Covid affected patients I am appalled to see what happened with Sam. I can’t believe that a few of the reputed hospitals did not allow her in.”

Kashmera was referring to the claims made by Sambhavna in her live video on Instagram that many big hospitals turned her away when she approached them in desperation after spending hours in pain because of her panic attacks.

An angry Kashmera wrote, “If this can happen with a well known person then where shall the poor common man go? Have we as a nation put blinders on and are we only focused on Covid19? What about cancer and TB and the common flu? How do I protect my kids if you won’t treat them for a common cold?”

Sambhavna had said that Kokilaben Hospital had entertained for ‘three minutes’ before advising them to go home and visit the OPD section in the morning. The former Bigg Boss contestant also revealed that she felt she was going to die. “We eventually left for home and I slept for about an-hour-and-a-half before I woke up with even more pain, anxiety, and panic. I thought I was going to die.”

Sambhavna’s husband Avinash Dwivedi said that he finally managed to find a doctor by searching on Google and persuaded her to see his wife. The doctor prescribed her antibiotics for seven days.

Avinash had taken to Instagram last week to inform that his wife had to be hospitalised twice in as many days. He had, however, not revealed the cause of the hospital visit. Sambhavna’s health had deteriorated just days after she paid tribute to Bollywood legends Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor on their tragic deaths.

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