Honda Ride Assist: Self-Balancing Concept Motorcycle Launch at CES 2017


The Honda Company has showcased a self-balancing motorcycle at CES 2017. This revolutionary model makes the use of company’s new Ride Assist Technology to balance itself. This bike doesn’t require any assistance from the rider to stay upright without falling. This Motorcycle can also ride itself without having any rider on it.. Apart from maintaining the balance, the motorcycle is also able to ride on its own.

The Honda has applied previous mobility research, used for its UNI-CUB self-balancing personal mobility device, to the Honda Ride Assist concept motorcycle, which prevents the vehicle from losing balance when at rest. The riders who prefer to have control of the motorcycle can choose to ride the bike in regular mode against the ‘Balance Mode’ as well.

Honda Ride Assist concept prevents the vehicle from losing its balance even when it is in the rest position. This concept will help the riders to feel free when riding the bike without any fear of falling to the new learners. It can again be changed into Balance mode if the rider wants the bike to self-balance itself.

As of now, Honda has not announced when this technology might start being implemented in company’s motorcycles but it sure seems like an interesting concept from the initial glimpse.