“Helmet Camera” in the IPL 2017? Cricket Fans May Become More Happy

helmet camera

Imagine batsmen are coming to the crease wearing “Camera Helmet”, what would be your reaction? Yes, it is probably going to be happening in the upcoming season of the most watched cricketing events, Indian Premier League. However, this innovation was the part of Australia’s Big Bash league. Australia’s Shane Watson was the first batsman to wear the camera on his helmet in December 2012 against the Hobart Hurricanes.

Until now, during the IPL matches we have seen cameras worn by the umpires, but this time batsmen will wear on their helmet. The idea behind this innovation is to get cricket fans as close to the action as possible. “Helmet Camera” innovation has given the immense success to the Big Bash League to increase its innovative viewership experience and with the way all the new technology has been utilised.

According to the media reports, the camera will be stuck at the peak of the helmet and the idea behind it is to get the viewers as close as possible to the action on the field. According to reports published in Hindustan Times; including camera and battery pack — weighs less than 100g and the weight will be evenly distributed front-to-back on the helmet. Moreover, The IPL teams have been requested to provide the BCCI with details of the helmets so that fabric shrouds can be produced in each IPL team’s colour.

During the IPL, the Umpire Cams and the Spider Cam are already in use and from the introduction of the Helmet Cams, TV audiences may feel more and would also help about in increasing the viewership of the IPL. Over the past couple of years, IPL has seen a downward trend.