On Gandhi Jayanti, this VIRAL photo of a kid’s project has sent SHOCK WAVES on social media


Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with much social, cultural and political fanfare every year. Not only are government offices involved in commemorating the day, but many of us have grown up doing special projects remembering the Father of the Nation on his birthday, October 2. Which is why, a photograph of a young girl creating a scrap book on Mahatma Gandhi should not seem extraordinary – except that this photo of a girl cutting out Gandhi’s profile from Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 currency notes as part of her project!

Now, not only is that illegal, but a highly unusual way of paying tribute to the Mahatma. Though, one can argue that it follows his philosophy of rising above materialism to a T.

The picture, whose origins are unknown and neither is any information available on whether it has been digitally edited, has gone viral on social media and is being widely shared on multiple platforms  — from Twitter to Facebook and WhatsApp. While some were stupefied to see it, others couldn’t stop themselves from adding a pinch of sarcasm and humour to it. A lot of Twitter users have also claimed that after looking at the piece of art, the child’s mother was dumbfounded. Check out some witty captions people have added to the photo here.