Fitness With Nutrition: Foods You Must Have In Your Diet


Workout is necessary for fitness and for workout, you need energy that you get from food you eat. So, if you eat right, you can workout and remain fit. That is leading a healthy and happy life.

Tips for a healthy diet for a healthy life

Protein for power

Your workout intensity depends on your muscular strength that in turn relies on protein level in your body. During workout, your muscles undergo wear and tear and require repair and it is only with protein that you can replenish the lost power.

If you can add protein to your regular diet, you can maintain good muscle power needed for workout and active life. And there should be little hassle in taking a protein rich diet as it is available in dairy products, eggs, pulses, legumes, whole wheat, oats and other grains. 

Carbs are essential

Carbohydrates provide fuel for body hence cutting carbs could lead to irreparable damage to your muscular strength in the long run. Instead of cutting carbs in your diet, you can choose to take the carbs that take time in digesting and ensure a steady supply of energy.

Choose good carbs that take time in digestion but doesn’t spike sugar level in blood. For example, whole wheat, brown rice, jowar, ragi, bajra, oats, buckwheat and other millets are a good source of carbs.

Make a rainbow in your plate

Add a couple of fruits and vegetables in your plate to make a rainbow of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Make sure you take 3-5 servings of different fruits and vegetables every day. For taste, you can make a salad of vegetables or stew and cook veggies. Similarly, you can blend fruits to make smoothies or consume them in the raw form. 

Pre-workout diet

Never go to workout empty stomach as it will only put unnecessary burden on your body. Also, you shouldn’t do workout with full stomach as it will make you tired in a short time. Having a light diet like banana, dry fruits or a toast with peanut butter before workout would provide you the strength you need for exercising.

Post-workout diet

As you know, after workout your muscles will require repair for which you need carbs and protein. Your post-workout diet should include fruits, nuts, milk and eggs that give the energy needed to repair the tired muscles. You can try fruit smoothie with oats or drink almond milk or take a whole wheat toast with boiled eggs.