When Cricket Champ Virat Kolhi Met The Wrestling Champ Khali In Colombo

Virat Kholi

Sunday proved to be indeed a great day for Virat Kohli. Not only did the Indian cricket captain led his team to win the second Test against Sri Lanka by innings and 53 runs in Colombo on Sunday, but the RCB champ also caught up with none other than the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler – The Great Khali. The 28-year-old Indian skipper was on cloud nine when he met The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana. The player who also leads the Royal Challenger Bangalore’s IPL team took to his social media pages to share his excitement. “It was Great to meet The Great Khali, what a guy!,” Kohli wrote.

The two pictures that Virat shared with Khali towering over him with his 7 feet 1-inch stature, are absolutely adorable and almost broke the internet as Twitterati couldn’t stop commenting on the meeting of these two athletes.


Just before meeting Khali, Virat Kohli commented about his victory in Sri Lanka, the skipper said, “India has developed a habit of winning, irrespective of geographical boundaries and it is hungry to extend the consistent run. Well, it’s obviously nice to win this series again. We won this last time also, in 2015. Yes, we do have that chance, but honestly speaking, we are not looking at Test matches or Test cricket now as home and away anymore. We are just looking at Test matches as Test matches and we want to win anywhere that we play,”

He further added, “If we can believe enough in our abilities then we are not really bothered about where we are playing. That kind of energy I can sense in the team and the team believes that as well. We are creating a habit of winning that I think can be carried on in future as well.”

Virat Kolhi Met The Wrestling Champ Khali