Coronanvirus: Companies making PPEs should be among first to open as lockdown eases

New regulations restore visitation rights for parents with shared custody

Allowing these corporations to open would therefore benefit the country, as there would be increased availability of PPEs to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Another rationale behind the call for pensioners to be paid their grants earlier is that their security is compromised when having to collect along with everybody else. Paying out grants to the elderly earlier would also protect them from contracting the virus and assist with physical distancing at grant payment points, the plan explains.

Another corporation the plan envisages phasing back into production is fast food outlet McDonalds.

“Macdonald [sic] staff to be allowed to prepare food in some stores to address hunger amongst the poor people during Covid-19 pandemic. This will give poor communities an opportunity to have access to food and nutrition.

“Receiving social grants during individual birthdays limits the congestions and prevents the spread of the virus. Few MacDonald [sic] stores will be opened and few staff will be used to prepare food for the communities.

“Food is… a scarce commodity that many communities lack, therefore additional food to the poor and vulnerable people will be of importance.”

In March the sector rolled out early payouts for the elderly and disabled for the first time in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. 

The sector’s short-term goals (1-6 months) include making provision for psychosocial support services, which focus on gender-based violence, to infected and affected families, as well as for substance abusers. 

It also plans to roll out reunification services to those infected and in quarantine. And it will provide services to shelters accommodating the homeless – and ensure screening and testing in facilities such as old age homes and treatment centres.

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