Who is Best in Test “Virat Kohli or Steve Smith” – Detailed Comparison #IndvsAus

Kohli vs Smith

Four cricket Test match series between India and Australia is going on and in the first two tests both India and Australia have won one each. This series is considered an acid Test for the Indian captain Virat Kohli and the Aussies captain Steve Smith.

In the current series, the Aussies captain Steve Smith is leading run getter so far with two hundred in his booty. The Indian captain Virat Kohli, who ruled out for the third test which is going on in Ranchi, has not performed up to his level. In the first two tests he scored only 40 runs, however, he has ability to bounce back any time.

Virat Kohli, who is so far very successful as a captain as well as a batsman is facing equally talented captain and batsman Steve Smith. Today, both Kohli and Smith are considering the best batsman among the others in all formats of the cricket.

There are many similarities between Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. Both Kohli and Smith are of the same age group, their debut in the Test cricket came almost the same time and at an international venue, and played Test matches almost equal. They started captaining in the same series. Before this series, they both have batted 92 times in the Test matches. However, if we talk about batting average in Test matches, Smith is far ahead from Kohli.

In 92 innings in 50 Test matches before this series, Smith has scored 4752 runs with an average of 60.15 whereas Kohli has 4451 runs in 92 innings of 54 Test matches with an average of 51.75. Steve Smith has reached a three-digit magic figure 17 times and Kohli 16 times. They crossed 50 marks in Test matches 20 and 14 times respectively. Their career strike rate in Test matches is almost equally same 57.85 (Smith) and 55.95 (Kohli) and in terms of boundaries, Smith is leading by 564 (531 – 4’s & 33 – 6’s) to 524 (512 – 4’s & 12 – 6’s).

In the Test cricket career, Virat Kohli has crossed 200 runs mark four times and Steve Smith only once. Against each other India and Australia, Kohli made six centuries and Smith made four hundred. Both Kohli and Smith highest score in an inning is 235 and 2015 respectively came against England. Smith & Kohli have taken 67 and 51 catches respectively.

If we discuss about the captaincy record of both Virat Kohli and Steve Smith before this test series, Kohli lead India in 23 Test matches, where he won 15, lost twice and settled for a draw six times. Smith leads Australia in 20 Test matches, where he won 11, lost 5 and settled for a draw four times.