Amazon, Big Basket & Grofers Face Issues in Home Deliveries As Authorities Misinterpret Lockdown Orders

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, many retailers and online grocery stores like Amazon, Big Basket and Grofers are reportedly facing major issues in delivering products to their customers, as law enforcement authorities have wrongly interpreted the lockdown orders.

As per the government order, essential services such as deliveries of groceries are allowed to function while the nation remains in lockdown. However, due to lack of clarity of ruleslocal authorities and police stations, are now shutting down warehouses, stopping trucks with supplies at state borders and harassing delivery boys, thereby causing a lot of inconvenience to both the retailers and consumers.

“We cannot deliver although there is a clear guideline from the ministry of consumer affairs, still there is a problem and it isn’t getting executed well at the ground level. Few of our guys went out, and they were stopped, and some were even beaten up. It’s a grave situation, and customers are crying for the food to be delivered we are gearing up,” Hari Menon, CEO, BigBasket told The Hindu.

It is because of these gaps in communication and uncertainty over the lockdown that many stores have been forced to shut down while others have to go through a lot of hurdles in ensuring deliveries on the right time, while frantic consumers have been complaining about not getting their orders.

Grofers founder Albinder Dhindsa too complained about the same on Twitter, and informed that the company has now a backlog of over 2 lakh orders, because of the prevalent confusion.

“The big issue is the lockdown and lack of clarity of rules because of which we are unable to deliver. However, things are getting better now and our priority is to clear the backlog,” Dhindsa told Business Today.

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