9 Things That Make Women Unbearable For Men …

Today, women have had to assume a very complex role for society, as they bear heavy burdens from the past with the new ones they have acquired.
Unfortunately, despite excessive effort, she often finds herself lost in the type of behavior she must adopt to be attractive to others. While it is true that each should be accepted as is, we leave you a list of traits that are not usually very attractive to men.

1. Delicate

In ancient times women were associated with the trait of delicacy, of pretending to be a crystal princess looking for a man to protect her from dragons and witches. Disney stories no longer exist, so the best you can do is adapt to the new times and try to transform yourself into a warrior who doesn’t fear being overwhelmed by adversity. Thanks to this, you will likely end up hitting some of the items on this list.

2. Too dependent on

Whenever we look for a partner we do it so that we can complement our needs and so that the other person can help us to be better. But from there to needing it for absolutely everything there is a section. If you really want to be attractive, you have to combine making the other person feel useful and necessary with your ability to solve your own problems. This will also help you not to depend on others and to raise your own ego.

Too dependent on

3. Lack of confidence

At another extreme we find women who need to be reminded at all times how wonderfully beautiful and pleasant they are. Therefore, it is very likely that they place the famous traps of “this dress makes me fat” or “do you look beautiful to me?”. Sometimes we may need a boost in self-esteem, but abusing this resource will force the other person to lie just to make them feel good. The key to aggressive control can also guarantee your success.

Lack of confidence

4. Aggressive

Aggression is a way to release energy in an explosive way. But although it can sometimes be an example of courage and pride to defend one’s own, if it becomes an everyday thing it ends up being unbearable for anyone. The problem is that if you live with a person every day and you see that he is screaming, getting angry or even threatening any action at any moment, nobody in his right mind would want you by his side.


5. Undecided

We are not talking about you not knowing if you want a red dress or blue pants one day, because we are talking about people who, because they never know what they want, end up feeling like a weather vane in a hurricane. Rest assured, whatever your reasons, your decision is always important. The key is not to make an immediate choice, it is to choose something wisely and then accept the consequences of your own choice. We know that the next point is a true cliche.


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