20 Breast Cancer Myths Busted With Facts

Breast cancer is one of the most spread cancer among women. Lately, many breast cancer awareness programs have been launched worldwide. Still, most of us believe in myths. Anything and everything related to breast cancer whether the causes, symptoms, cure or procedure, is somehow connected to any of the widespread rumors.

Thus, today we’ve brought you almost all the myths and facts related to breast cancer. This is not just to increase your information about the disease also to warn you about the do’s and don’t’s to decrease the risk.

Hit Can Get You Sick

Myth: If you already knew this, then we are glad but many ladies aren’t aware of this fact here. Women usually get scared of breast cancer when they get hit on their breasts or any injury to their breast is enough to give them a nightmare. If you thought the same then this is for you as we understand this myth came up from nowhere.

Fact: The truth is that doctors have never said that any trauma or injury can lead to breast cancer or that it increases the risk. So care for yourself, don’t get hurt and if you do, don’t get scared.

Leading Killer

Myth: In the U.S., After heart disease, breast cancer kills the most number of women patients.

Fact: Breast cancer isn’t the leading killer. Approximately, stroke causes more than 96,000 deaths, the chronic lower respiratory disease causes 67,000 deaths, while breast cancer kills around 40,000 women per year in the country.

Not Even Leading Cancer!

Myth: Another myth people blindly believe is that breast cancer kills most number of women compared to any other cancer. Yes, breast cancer is the most spoken but not actually the most spread cancer.

Fact: The highest number of women deaths are caused by lung cancer, not breast cancer. This is a proven fact on the basis of several final stats that are the result of keen observations.  Lately, the American Cancer Society has made this statement which mentions lung cancer being the biggest killer among women.

No Breasts No Cancer!

Myth: Only women suffer from breast cancer as they have breasts. We agree that men don’t have breasts and so they aren’t prone to breast cancer. That’s not the reality though.

Fact: Men do have breast tissues and can get breast cancer. The only reason why men are less prone to this disease is that the breast tissues in mean are much less than that of women. Mostly, it occurs in 60s men but younger ages can also be affected.

In 2015, around 2,350 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 440 breast cancer deaths are expected among men in the U.S. Approx 62,000 women and 390 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year.

Bra Or Braless?

Myth: While many websites, sharing information about breast cancer mentions wearing a bra could be one of the possible reasons. That’s all wrong!

Fact: It’s completely your choice if you like wearing a bra or not and again it has nothing to do with breast cancer. Doctors have never been certain about this nor there has been any proven relationship between wearing bra and cancer.

Young And Free

Myth: The younger, the safer doesn’t really make sense.

Fact: Originally, all the women have chances of breast cancer. Yes, young women rarely get diagnosed for cancer. There have been cases where young girls had breast cancer. Out of all the people diagnosed, less than 5% of women diagnosed are under the age of 40 across the U.S.

Stay Healthy, Stay Cancer Free

Myth: Eat right, don’t smoke, exercise, stay fit, and don’t drink alcohol is the cure for breast cancer.

Fact: There’s no reason what human nature or habits cause breast cancer. Even if you eat well to stay fit never smoke or drink either, you might have cancer. Doctors have said that regular exercise and healthy eating reduces the risk but doesn’t end the risk. Thus, there’s no cure.

No Caffeine Please!

Myth: Caffeine causes breast soreness and increases the risk of breast cancer!

Fact: Neither cancer is connected to soreness nor there’s any relation between cancer and caffeine, in fact, some doctors say that a medium consumption of caffeine could possibly lower down the risk of breast cancer.

The 30s Are The Riskiest

Myth: Breast cancer mostly occurs in ladies when they are in their 30s.

Fact: Breast cancer does not attack the mid ages rather the risk increases with the growing age. More than half of the breast cancer patients are diagnosed after menopause.

Let Lumps Be!

Myth: Felt a lump in your breasts? Enough to give you goosebumps isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about that much though.

Fact: Our breasts are lumpy and just for the info, more than 80% of these lumps aren’t harmful. At times, a lump can also be because one’s periods’ date is close, again, that isn’t proven.

Beware Of Lumps?

Myth: It is almost known that breast cancer always forms a lump but does it?

Fact: Lumps are not a warning as there are 7 other main warning signs for breast cancer. Out of the overall 8 symptoms, 6 are visual, ie, cannot be identified.

Fertility Causes Breast Cancer

Myth: The risk of breast cancer rises up after one undergoes a fertility treatment as estrogen is said to cause breast cancer

Fact: As there hasn’t been a large level of research yet, there is no definite answer to this. Fertility tests are still under suspicion.

Warm Water From Plastic Bottle

Myth: Many times, people worry about warming or freezing food and drinks in plastic containers or bottles as it releases a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) which can cause cancer cells if connected with our hormones.

Fact: Researchers agree that plastic bottles are exposed to extremely high temperatures, which can release BPA in water. However, the amount of mixture is not said to be harmful for human consumption.

Breast Implants

Myth: Breast implants (silicone, saline or PIP) will surely increase the risk.

Fact: Women with implants need to inform before their breast screening process about it. As the radiographer might not be able to check on the breast tissues do not increase your risk of breast cancer. They might require additional X-ray images.

There’s a connection between implants and hormonal change which is not yet said to be the reason for breast cancer.

Don’t Abort

Myth: Abortion raises your risk of getting breast cancer is a belief going on since breast cancer became known to us.

Fact: Abortion is said to disrupt hormone cycles and breast cancer is linked to hormone levels. Studies have stated a causal link but no conclusive evidence is there to say that breast cancer is linked with abortion.

Pregnancy Privilege

Myth: During pregnancy, women can’t get breast cancer.

Fact: Breast cancer is most diagnosed cancer in pregnant and postpartum women. There’s a valid reason behind it. During pregnancy or breastfeeding, women’s breasts become more tender and grow, due to which it is difficult to find a lump or other changes.

Stay Away From Power Lines

Myth: Living close to power lines is a reason behind breast cancer.

Fact: A study was conducted in 2003 to explain the relation of a high number of cancer patients in Long Island, N.Y. living near the power lines. Previously, the same research was conducted in Seattle and there was no connection again.

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