10 Fun Things to Do During Your Goa Holiday

Dolphin Spotting

When you think of partying, what destination pops up in your mind? Goa! Yes, the land of fun, adventure and parties, Goa. Also the ultimate destination for good times. A rage among youngsters and families alike, Goa has cropped up as a great travel destination in India, frequented almost all year round by tourists, both Indians and foreign nationals. This has made Goa holiday packages the best selling packages than any of its counterparts, leading to many exciting offers on the solo and group trips to Goa, from time to time.

Goa HolidayGoa Holiday

Goa is an exceptionally beautiful state of India with stunning beaches, sweeping beautiful shores and simply amazing architecture dating back to the colonial times, making anyone’s Goa tour package a ‘value for money’ deal. While the place is almost always brimming with tourists from all over the world, keeping its beaches warm and happening, and its nightlife soaring high, Goa also has its fair share of tranquil and secluded beaches, quaint monuments and sleepy but scenic villages and towns that speak of unparalleled charm and beauty.

Goa tour package

Though known primarily for its wine, dine and parties, this coastal paradise of India has much more to offer than just that. If you have already been to Goa half a dozen times with your friends or family and think there’s nothing more than Baga beach or Basilica of Bom Jesus, think again! We know you still haven’t had enough of the place because of the scrumptious array of sea food, tax free liquor and endless parties ! But this time visit Goa for these 10 exhilarating things to do !!

1. Go Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin SpottingOne of the most wonderful experience to gain in Goa is sighting Dolphins. Since many people are not aware of this exciting activity viable in the state, it often goes ignored. However, when on your next Goa holiday package, it will be a good idea to try this superb offbeat activity that is facilitated at multiple regions in Goa. Varca is one popular destination in Goa to try it. The cruises often commence from Panjim Jetty, the fort of Aguada or Sinquerim. If you get lucky and are allowed to do so, you can enjoy the unmatched experience of playing with these intelligent and lovely fish, by taking a dip in the waters; though see to it that proper safety arrangements are in place.

2. Test Your Skill at Crab Catching

Skill at Crab CatchingBefore we proceed to tell you about how exciting this activity is, a fair warning: Crab catching is not an easy task! If you hate to get your hands muddy or are afraid of getting a sting, do not try it. Catching these crustaceans is not a child’s play and requires both patience and a little tolerance for nips too. Homemade nets known as ‘Kobblem’ are used to trap and catch crabs in the backwaters of Goa or at a few seaside regions. If you think you are up for it then you can avail the benefit of one of such tours organized in Goa. If you have an adventurous streak then tag along a local this escapade.

3. Walk Through Fragrant Spice Plantations and Ride an Elephant

Ride an ElephantA walk in the aromatic and enchanting spice plantations of Goa provide the perfect getaway from the swarming regions of the place. The fragrance of the fresh spice cultivation in Tropical Spice Farm, Savoi garden, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary or Sahakari Spice Farm is enough to scintillate all your senses and refresh your soul. In addition to enjoying this natural allure, you can also play with the majestic residents of the region, elephants! Give the mighty tuskers a bath or sit on their backs while they splash you with trunk fulls of water! Make the most of your Goa tour package this time and try this offbeat activity for sure when in Goa.

4. Experience a Chill Down Your Spine with the Devil’s Canyon

Experience a Chill Down Your Spine with the Devil’s CanyonAs legend has it, a demon used to reign over the place and all of its dwelling creatures. Once when a local cheated the demon out of his fish, he cursed the area for eternity. Even to this day, the eerie silence can be felt when you visit this place. The uneasy vibes that you feel are unmissable. The gorges flowing over with a violently turbulent river is ill famed for taking the lives of a number of swimmers here due to slippery rocks and depth. So, if you get your kicks from spooky adventures, then you definitely visit this canyon on your Goa holiday package.

5. Gamble through the Night in Vibrant Casinos

Gamble through the Night in Vibrant CasinosTalking about excitement, luck and celebrations, Goa’s casinos cannot be far behind. In fact, while gambling is illegal in rest of the country, it is very much legal here, leading to a rush of zeal for it on the counters of Goa casinos. So, it only makes sense to try your hand at gambling , when in Goa. Of course, caution is inevitable, needing you to draw a line, but don’t put a break on the fun that it delivers! So, go ahead try something zingy and new at one of the many onshore or offshore casinos in Goa. Some of the most popular ones include Casino Pride, Casino Paradise, Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk and many more.